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87.5"- 26/35CC TL2000 ULTRALIGHT
87.5"- 26/35CC TL2000 ULTRALIGHT
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Product Description

87.5"- 26/35CC TL2000 ULTRALIGHT
Product Description

SHIPS IN VERY LARGE CRATE as oversize (57X 18 21)

Plane features a fiberglass fuselage, built up wings with fiberglass tips that even have led lights in the tips of the leading edge.

Premium quality airplane.

Comes with complete hardware kit except for fuel tank. Hardware kit even includes the led lights that are pre-installed in wing tips (see photo). Large removable hatch lets you access your radio gear with ease.

Wings are built up wood with up turned fiberglass tips. Wings are removable for easy transport.

The nose gear is a fully functional spring strut system.

And yes! This plane comes with flaps.

Covering is monokote on built up areas.

Plane comes in 1 very large oversize double boxed carton


Firewall is 8 1/2" X 7". Fiberglass fuselage with Plywood formers and Plywood firewall reinforced with fiberglass. Plywood servo is installed. Large removeable hatch 11" X 15" attaches with 2 dowels in front and 2 screws in the sides. The airfoil Vertical stablisor is part of the fuselage. The horizonal stablizer and rudder are also have an airfoil design and are built up wood. Wing tube guide is installed. wing tube is 33" long. Horsional stablizer installs with a wing tube also but epoxys to the fuselage.

Rudder, throttle and elevator servos mount in the servo tray. Rudder is a pull-pull design. Aileron and flap servos mount under the wings.

You will love the spring type alumium strut for the nose gear.

wing span...........87.5in.


wing area...........52dm2

requires 4 channels and 5 servos or 7 if you use the flaps

Here is an e-mail from a good customer from Brownsville Texas that drove from south texas to pick it up. Photo is of his wife presenting the plane;

I hope that when you receive this email you are doing fine and your family as well. It has been a while since I visited your shop with my family. I do hope you remember me. I got that 1/5 scale TL-2000 from you no box, fit it into my Ford Escape. Well finally she is all built and has flown. Took me a while due to hurricane damage and flooding in our area for a while. It has been rough. I am attaching a picture of my wife at our club field with the finished plane. Magnum 160 twin for power with 16x8x10 prop. On-board glow igniter changed the lights to Electrodynamic wingtip lights, landing light and bottom strobe Custom made instrument panel. Flew very scale with a 40 degree climb out. I am very impressed and very fond of the plane. Enjoy the pic.

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