DRASTIK 40-- 58.5" wing span  ( 9/15 ) WHITE
DRASTIK 40-- 58.5" wing span ( 9/15 ) WHITE
Item# 8030a-white
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New item for 2011. (OVER SIZE SHIPPING AND DOUBLE BOXED) We have the factory double box (or crate) our planes and they do an over-kill which makes the fgt. higher because of box size. But who want a busted plane and try to collect from the fgt. carrier?

This is an ARF and not a kit. Comes with complete hardware kit that includes- 2 1/5" foam wheels' fuel tank alum. landing gear that attaches with 3 screws, spinner, pushrods, tail wheel, etc.

Details are as follows:

Fuselage- Lite ply construction with lighting holes to save weight, Servo tray is installed and is located under the wing (1 servo for throttle, 1 servo for rudder and 1 servo for elevator). Firewall measures 3 1/2" wide and 3 5/8" tall. Landing gear attaches 5 1/8" back from firewall and uses 3 screws. Fuselage has a hatch located between wing and firewall with a spring loaded latch that lets you service the fuel tank (or batterys if you are using electric power)

Wing- 2 inches thick, 13 5/8" cord, symmetrical design, built up balsa design. has hardwood joiner and the 2 halves epoxy together. Uses 2 aileron servos for the ailerons (1 under each wing half). Ailerons are 17 1/2" by 3 1/4".

Tail Feathers - 7 1/2" cord including elevator halves. Horizontal stab. is 17 1/2" on leading edge tapering to 22" at rear. Elevator halves are 8 1/2" by 3 1/4" each and join together with the pre-bent wire included. (be careful here and make sure it is a strong bond)). Vertical stab. is 71/4" tall and 8 1/2" long tapering to 2 inches at the top. Rudder is 8 1/2" tall. Rudder is 4 inches at the bottom tapering to 2 inches at the top.

Wingspan: 58.5 inches

Wing area:760 sq. in.

Length: 58 inches

Engine: 2C 0.40-0.60

Radio: 4 Channel;5 Servos

Weight: 3lb. 11oz. .