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The Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet

The Me-163 Komet was conceived by Dr. Alexander Lippisch but production & later development was carried out by Messerschmitt. The aircraft was powered by one of the new generation of rocket engines. To reduce weight & drag the Me-163 had no tail or undercarriage. Taking off on a trolley that was later jettisoned & landing on a wooden skid, the first test flight took place in 1941 & after considerable development became operational in 1944. None the less the aircraft had it's dangers. The volatile fuel could dissolve the flesh of pilots & ground crew in a matter of seconds. The pilot's flight suit, boots, underwear and gloves are made of a non-organic, nylon-like material. Clothing made of organic material like cotton would burst into flames on contact with the fuel. The pilot was protected by 13mm of armour behind his head and shoulders, and 8mm of armour behind his back. A 90mm armour glass screen gave frontal protection with a 15mm armour nose cone. The constant speed propeller in front drove a generator for electric power.

The high speed of 596 mph (959 km/h) made it difficult to control & it's short endurance of just under an hour limited it's effectiveness. The Me-163's inherent dangers led to more aircraft being lost in accidents than were destroyed in combat.

Texas rc planes offers the scale ME163 komet in a scale rc airplane with a fiberglass fuselage, built up wood 2 peice wing covered in oracover. Wheels are attached to fuselage, but many customere are converting them to detach like the original. We have been stocking this plane for 3 years and haven't had a complaint on construction or flying habbits. Our first customer ask if it was just a novelty airplane. We got a call from him a few weeks later and he said it was a easy and very good flying airplane, so don't be calling it a novelty. Its fun fun fun.

Wing span...........60.6"


Wing area...........736.4 sq. in.

requires engine......46/.60 2c. or .52/70 4c. or .46 electric power

Requires radio with 4 channels and 4 servos

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