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Product Description

Product Description FUSELAGE DETAILS;

Fuselage is laser cut lite-ply and hardwood construction and the covering is so slick that it looks like it is a fiberglass fuselage. The pilot figures are not included. The hatch is massive, 17 1/2" by 5 inches wide. Secured with dowels in the front and 2 bolts at the rear. Hatch is built up design with lite-ply on the bottom and sheeted with balsa on the top side. Motor box is 4 1/2" wide by 3 1/2" tall and extends 3 1/2" from firewall. Motor box extends through firewall to the second former (10" back into the fuselage (lots of support here). Top section of the fuselage from the pilot to the tail is sheeted solid with balsa and the vertical stab. is part of the fuselage.


One piece wing design with a hardwood joiner and epoxies together. Wing is built up with lite-ply and balsa. Leading edge is sheeted over with balsa and the inboard section is sheeted solid top and bottom 12 inches out from the center. Wing cord is 15" at center and 2 1/2" thick, symmetrical. Wing joiner looks like it has about 3 deg. dihedral. Should have good aerobatic qualities. Flaps are the hidden style and are flush with the wing bottom (9" X 2 3/4"). Aileron (20 1/2" X 2 1/2" each) and flap servos are attached to servo doors and hidden inside the wing. 4 servos total and the servo doors attach with 4 screws each.

Tail feathers;

Built up design and airfoil shape. Rudder is 14" tall and 5 1/2" deep. Horizontal stab. is 13" each side. Horizontal stabs. have an alum. tube to connect them and epoxy to fuselage(recesses into the fuselage for a clean look). Uses 2 elevator servos and mount under the horizontal stabs, into the fuselage. The rudder servo is located under the hatch and connects to the rudder with a single rod.

Cowl is thick fiberglass and measures 5 3/4 wide X8 1/2" tall and9 3/4" deep. Our 28cc MLD gas engine will fit, but the clearance on the muffler is so close I would recommend a Pitt's style muffler.


WING SPAN..........79"

Wing area..........950 sq. in.

Total length.......61 in.

ENGINE REQUIRED.........1.60 CU IN. OR 26CC/28CC

Requires 4 channels and 8 servos

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