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STINSON RELIANT 101" RED,  In Stock---
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Product Description

Giant scale Stinson Reliant 100" RC airplane. Hand painted military design and Blue, Red, White and yellow civilian colors are available. (check our website)

All wood design except for fiberglass cowl and various components.

Wings are all built up wood and covered with iron on covering. Joined together with a 38" alum. wing tube and 2 wing nuts for each wing inside fuselage. Each wing half is 45" long with a 18" cord at the widest place. 19" long ailerons and 16" long flaps. Flat bottom wing design.

All tail feathers are built up wood with a airfoil design and are counter balanced.

Fuselage is all built up wood using lite-ply. Motor mount is plywood and measures 7" wide and 4.5" tall. It is not just glued straight to the firewall, but extends through the firewall to the cockpit area and even helps support the servo tray, battery area, and fuel tank area. Large doors on each side provide easy access for wing removal. servo access, battery access, and fuel tank.

Cowl is thicker than normal fiberglass. It measures 9.5" wide at the cowl and 6" wide at the prop opening. Distance from the prop opening to the firewall is 7 1/4" Distance from prop washer to motor box is 5 1/2". This should work with a 50cc side carb. engine or remove the motor box for a rear carb.

SERVOS: 1 rudder servo inside fuselage for the Pull Pull system' 2 aileron servos under wing 2 flap servos under wing 2 elevator servos in rear of fuselage under the horizontal stab. 1 throttle servo in fuselage.

Balance on wing tube (115/120 mm) back from leading edge. Set all control angles to 45 deg.

Wingspan: 2550 mm (100.4 in)

Wingarea: 83.2 dm2 (1290

Length: 1800 mm (71 in)

Engine: 35-80cc gas engine

Radio: 5 Channles; 6 Servos

Take off weight: 9.5

Below are a few photos of the structure and the 2 (double boxes) that it comes in. Box size is 60X20X18 and is oversize shipping. Like all our planes, you can add plane to the shopping cart, put your zip code in the UPS calculator at the bottom left of the page and it will calculate shipping , time in transit, and total cost to you. (no personal info. is required). Insurance is included. If any shipping problems or damage, please contact us and we will handle it on our end (we will take care of you)

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