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US 120 IS
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All new design by texas rc planes. Designed for a perfect match for the DLE 20RA. This engine fits like a glove. We have built and flown the prototype plane for approval for our factory to build. It takes off straight with very little runway. Flys very doscile at slow speeds and as easy as a trainer to land. Snap rolls, unlimited vertical, inverted flat spins, smooth loops. Yes it flys like it's on rails. Gentle enough for a step up beginner yet will amaze the experts. Our prototype had flaps but we are having the factory eliminate them as they are not needed and just cost you more servos. All built up air frame and wings fiberglass cowl thick rubberized flexible canopy landing gear blocks beefed up nylon wheel pants 2 piece elevator halfs with single servo. pushrod rudder system all hardware, fuel tank,and spinner are included.

75" wing span

59" long

Warbird models Chris and Cyndi Hogg 409 750 3366